We make great-sounding instruments that combine modern building techniques with classic hand-craftsmanship.

We research every inch of history's most revered instruments in order to design products that are true to the spirit of the classics. Attention to detail and respect for tradition are what sets us apart from other builders. Our staff is full of musicians and we all put 150% of our passion and expertise into everything we do.

Dealers Come First

We make it our mission to provide retailers with quality products at consumer-friendly price points. Our instrument and accessory brands are among the fastest-growing in the world, and we stay ahead of trends with our unique take on classic designs. Our pricing structure is MAP-protected and we offer a healthy margin at MAP so our dealers maintain the competitive advantage. We offer benefits and incentives like no buy-ins, no minimums, as well as freight programs and the friendliest customer service in the industry.

We design our products and pricing structure so we can not only deliver you some of the most interesting products available, but also give you the tools to sell them effectively and put money in your pocket.

Quality Products
Take A Look!

With over 1500 product SKUs, we offer your essential store stock from guitars to amplifiers to cables, cases and tuners.

No Buy-Ins
None. Ever.

We never require buy-ins or minimums for our customers, so you can rely on our great service to deliver on orders large and small.

Customer Service
By Musicians. For Musicians.

Our staff is full of musicians who proudly deliver exceptional customer service to make sure you have everything you need to make the sale.

Tools For Happiness

Our stable of top-quality brands includes Recording King guitars and banjos, The Loar archtops and mandolins, VHT hand-wired amplifiers, AXL USA electric guitars and roadworthy Guardian Cases.

We design each and every one of our products to meet the needs of both musicians looking for the perfect fit and dealers looking for builders they can rely on to deliver. We're passionate about music and instruments, just like you. Our investment in tradition, quality and service is what makes us unique, but don't just take our word for it, pick up one of our instruments, and hear it yourself.

The Music Link also distributes select products from these fine manufacturers.
Please get in touch with your sales representative for current inventory and pricing information.


With warehouses in California and Tennesee, we ship to our entire nationwide dealer network in three days or less so you never run out of stock.


We offer frequent freight incentives on products like amplifiers and cases, so you can preserve your profit, not spend it on shipping.